The project “Your Job” is continuing to implement successfully and is reflecting positively on the youth of Kosovo.

During the activities of “Your Job” project, was held the first training with the topic “ How to write a CV, motivational letter, techniques of communication and the preparation for a job interview”- with the students of the high school “Gjon Buzuku” in the municipalityof Prizren.

In this training have attended and were certified about thirty students from this school.
This training came as a result of the initiative of the high school students from Prizren, to benefit from the opportunities offered by the project “Your Job”. All the participants were curious and showed great interest for the training and also for the other fields within the project “Your Job”. The training was followed by questions and discussion from the participants.

Certification ceremony was realized by the Programme Coordinator of Your Job project, Mr.Tobias Noelke and our colleagues from Caritas Kosova. During this meeting at the school ”Gjon Buzuku”, students have specified that they want to continue that cooperation with us in other different  info sessions and trainings even on Saturdays and also they have shared with us different and innovative ideas for start-up businesses.

We thank all the students who were part of this training and also we invite and encourage all young people to join us on this journey, because through this project you will have the opportunity to develop and prepare yourself personally and professionally for the job market.

Your Job project is continuing to support young people for sustainable employment through trainings, internship and grants, since the sustainable employment is the goal of every person. We invite all youth from the municipalities where the project is continuing to implement to visit and give us suggestions for a successful and sustainable employment.

Be part of these opportunities that enrich your future!


Keep training and keep learning until you get it right!