[box title=”History of Caritas Kosova” type=”whitestroke” pb_margin_bottom=”no” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”]Caritas Kosova was found in 1992, though some parish groups in Kosova were implementing and carrying out charity activities much earlier. Due to the political situation of Kosova during the 90’s, Caritas Kosova’s main concern was to develop program of aid distribution in order to answer the needs of the poorest. Such initiatives were carried out with the generous support of different organizations, whereby funds were to a large extent available. During this period only few people were directly involved in the charity actions. Although Caritas Kosova was not registered as an NGO, still it played a very important role in favour of the vulnerable and people in need.  From 1999 and onwards, Caritas Kosova’s work methodology progressed through the support of the Caritas Network Member Organisations that established their presence in Kosova during the emergency period. The first actions were focused on the creation of Parish Caritas Groups and the strengthening of Caritas Kosova structure in the framework of Parish Caritas Capacity Building Program. During this period, Caritas Kosova’s functioning was supported by the financial contributions and technical assistance of the Caritas organizations: mainly Caritas Germany, Caritas Switzerland, Caritas Italy, Caritas Spain, Caritas Belgium, CRS, Caritas France; including other Caritas-es with a reduced or no presence in Kosova.


After the emergency phase, various projects, programs and staff of other National Caritases were integrated into the national structure of Caritas Kosova. Since then Caritas Kosova gradually developed and created a wide range of activities – spread all over the region. Nowadays, Caritas Kosova’s territorial action is immensely expanded, we are not just acting in Ferizaj where the Headquarter is based, but we are operating also through our Regional Offices in Prishtina, Prizren, Gjilan, Mitrovica, Klina and Leposaviç. In addition to this, Caritas Kosova is operating in Novosella, Suhareka, Viti, Rahovec, Malisheva, Drenas and Shtime through its Project Offices (see Map of intervention overleaf).  In total Caritas Kosova has currently 153 employees[1]. Despite the progress, we consider that our operational structure and management skills need to be further enhanced. Caritas is currently cooperating with 13 active parish structures out of the 24 parish structures of the diocese of Kosova which are under the hierarchy of four deaneries. More efforts need to be done in the recruitment of volunteers and strengthening of the volunteers’ network and more intensive collaboration is aimed with the parish priests.

Besides the support of the Caritas Network, nowadays Caritas is collaborating especially in the field of health and education with the national state-structures such as above-mentioned municipalities. Due to its development, CK’s reputation has been as well consolidated over the past years, our programmes and activities are supported financially by the European Commission, UN agencies operating in Kosovo and other international foundations. Nevertheless, international funds/donors are withdrawing, thus fund-raising remains a high priority. Media coverage of our activities and events has contributed to the increase of our visibility as a social actor in Kosova.




The main programmes/projects that Caritas is currently focused on are:


  • Home Care
  • Social Assistance
  • Anti-trafficking
  • Socio –pastoral Programme
  • Disabled People Programme
  • Peace Promotion
  • RAE Integration
  • Integration of Returnees
  • Agricultural Development