Caritas Kosova is a corresponding member of Caritas Europa, which is part of the Caritas Internationalis Confederation. Being part of the Caritas Family, we are given a specific mandate through which we serve our people in need. As a member of the Caritas International Confederation and guided by its orientations, CK has identified the following sectors of intervention to assist most vulnerable people in our society:


Under these mandates of operation, CK is committed to become a sustainable social actor in Kosova that is professional, accountable, transparent, and a reliable partner. In this context, the following crosscutting issues will be applied in our daily work:

  • Apply CI/CE standards (e.g. Partnership, CMS)
  • Advocate and lobby with and for the disadvantaged
  • Ensure that our environment is protected
  • Promote human rights and gender equity
  • Promote volunteerism (mobilization and support in capacity building)
  • Enhance our public relations (PR)
  • Active and professional fundraising
  • Youth is favored in all our actions
  • Parish structures are involved wherever possible.