Kosovo is recognized as a country where live a diverse number of minorities and
their rights are equal with the others.
In addition to meetings with students in schools, we have also met non-
governmental organizations for minorities. In the municipality of Prizren we have
met the non-governmental organization “Roma Versitas Kosovo” that aims to
improve the retention, performance and graduation on time, of Roma full-time
tertiary students in Kosovo by provision of academic support and capacity
building. Also there was held an info session with the volunteers of this NGO.
Your Job works to ensure that youth minorities are on a career trajectory toward a
living wage, economic well-being and prosperity, ultimately breaking out of the
cycle of diversity in which they are occupied.
Another info session was held in the municipality of Kllokot with the serbs
minorities around 14 candidates were attending the info session. We made sure to
provide information on the process of adaptation, this will enable youth to learn
from the procedures that can be undertaken to culturally adapt interventions.
The doors are open for all the minorities so the programme is equal for every
citizen of Kosovo with no distinction.

The smallest minority on the earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities. (Ayn Rand)