YourJob has a plan for the youth to explore their career path and gain valuable work experience by developing their skills through internships different labor markets. the programme Your-Job is seeking for partnerships and always open for new ideas to make a difference with local governments and also often with NGO`s and domestic firms or companies. 
Most of these interventions involve training but others involve entrepreneurships and employment. 
In the Municipality of Vitia  we started partnership with two important business stakeholders -`VINEX` Hot Dip Galvanization manufactureand Mediteran Shopping Center.

Thanks to the Your-Job Programme , two young people from the municipality of Vitia have started their paid internships at Vinex.Based on intern performance, Vinex will be committed to provide these interns with employment contract and after a great journey they promised to extend their contract, these companies are providing  standardized certification as well .

At Mediteran, one of the biggest shopping center in the region of Vitia,the youthhas started herinternship with this company as well.With the same conditions, Mediteran will provide a full time job contract for our benefiters after she successfully finish her internship. BothVinex and Mediteran arepartneringwith YourJob to make these internships useful for the youth of Vitia, and achance for youth tokeep working after they have finished their internship.YourJob  is playinga leading role in the employment of young people by providing hands on experience at high-quality organizations. 

Your-Job is aiming on giving a chance and a decent work experience to the youth.
and we recall all the business and agencies who are interested in providing life changing opportunities  to local youth to be part of the programme.

The motivations for firms and employers to become involved in youth employment