The earthquake of 26thof November in Albania affected areas such as Durres, Thumana, Kurbin and Lezha. It was devastating earthquake with 51 victims and severe damages. Caritas Kosova in coordination with the Diocese of Kosova was commited to support our brothers and sisters in Albania after this devastating earthquake. 

According to the mission and vision of Caritas Kosova, colleagues of Your Job project have participated and assisted on the activities of Caritas Albania with our colleagues from Caritas Albania.This assistance was focused on sharing clothes, food and other goods for the people in need. 

With the informations collected by Caritas Albania, the assistance of Caritas Kosova was addressed and located to the families in Durres and Thumana. Many young people who collaborate with Your Job project have contacted us and expressed their readiness to support citizens in Durres and Thumana. Some of them have expressed their willingness and asked us for contacts of our colleagues in Albania to help them, while others have contacted us and offered clothing and food.Also Your Job staff has assisted some youth volunteers from Kosovo by connecting them with Your Job Albania colleagues, who have helped people in need and played games with children and many other different activities.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone!