Leonita is a young woman from Mitrovica. She is born with a physical disability, but achieved to follow an education; she wanted to become a web designer, but due to the lack of such training in her city, and her limited financial means, she was until recently unable to follow her dream. She heard about the project during one of the 40 info sessions carried out by the project team in Mitrovica and Ferizaj. 

In her own words, the project aims at “integrating youth in the job market, and also identifies people with need from all the categories including people with disabilities, that I belong to”. Through the project, she first benefited from training on soft skills. “These kind of trainings sort of pushes you to think about yourself and identify some qualities that even I was not aware of, or I was aware of but I didn’t have the skills to put it on paper. It helped me to present myself better in front of potential employers”.

Leonita is now following a training on web design, and believes that qualified web designers are highly required from the employers in Kosovo.

When asked if the activities implemented meet her expectations, Leonita mentions that “the project allowed me to say what are my needs, and I was able to attend the training that I needed. In the past I attended some training but the topics were already decided by the implementer and did not take in account my own needs as a young unemployed person. For this reason, this Caritas project is very different from the other ones I know. As well, from the beginning of the project, all the communication with the team and other participants through phone calls, emails, Facebook groups made me feel wanted and made me feel equal to everyone. I feel free to express my feelings.”After the end of her training on web design, Leonita will be supported by the project in order to allow us to find an internship and put her newly-acquired knowledge into practice.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -Francis of Assisi