Internships are a great way to improve your eligibility as a job applicant and make you a more experienced employee.
 YourJob works as a guide for the youth to explore their career path and gain valuable work experience by developing their skills through internships in various labor markets. 
We are joining with various companies establishing good relationships and investing energy by helping the youth of Kllokot and Vitia

 `Meditereran`, one of the biggest shopping centers in the region of Vitia, is another business in which youth internships have been started.  With the same conditions as the previous companies that we signed MoUs , Mediterian will also be providing full time employment contract as well as benefits upon completion of their internship. Both Vinex   hot dip manufacture which is already working with two of our candidates almost 2 month, also Mediteran shopping center and the Water production manufacture ANNA are partnering with YourJob to make  internships more useful and open to the youth of Vitia and Kllokot.
This creates a chance for youth to find employment within the company after their intern. 
The platform which is implementing YourJob together with  their partners are playing a leading role in the employment of youth by providing these hands on experiences at established organizations.

YourJob starts internships in the Municipality of Kllokot and Vitia with stakeholders.